If you need to find the exact location and depth of the drains at your property, then you need to find yourself a local drainage company that specialises in sonar drain tracing.

A cctv drain survey will give you a lot of information about your drainage system (drain condition, pipe size, invert levels, type of pipe etc), but not the exact location and depth.

Our specialist drain tracing services can reveal the exact location and depth of your drains. Call 0800 357 9371 or email info@draindetectives.co.uk for a FREE quote.

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Why might you need sonar drain tracing services?

Building an extension

If you are close to a public sewer, you will need drain tracing to locate the drains for your build over agreement.

Buried manholes

A cctv survey may tell you that there is a buried manhole, but drain tracing can show the exact location of the manhole.

Drain excavation

Excavating is labour intensive and not cheap. Drain tracing takes the guesswork out of exactly where you dig.

Do I need drain tracing for a build over agreement?

If you're planning to improve your home by adding an extension, conservatory, annexe or garage, you'll need to know if there's drainage on your land, and if so where it is.

If you're building within three metres of a public sewer, or within one metre of a public lateral drain, you'll need the approval of your local authority before work begins.

Your water authority will be able to provide a map of local sewers. However, this may not be up to date or accurate. It is down to you to show the exact locations of your drains.

Our experienced drain engineers use the latest equipment to carry out our sonar drain tracing. Call 0800 357 9371 or email info@draindetectives.co.uk for a FREE quote.

Locating drains for a build over agreement
How does sonar drain tracing work?

How does drain tracing work?

A sonde or transmitter is attached to the head of a cctv drain camera or crawler camera (in larger pipes) and placed in the drain, pipe or sewer and sent in the direction required.

The transmitter sends a sonar pulse out and the engineer follows it above ground using a receiver. The pulse signal is sent out from the sonde in a circular or arch configuration.

The drainage engineer adjusts the receiver so that he has a minimal signal. At this point, they will be directly over the top of the transmitter or sonde.

The receiver will give the exact location and equally important the depth of the drain.

For FREE advice about sonar drain tracing, call 0800 357 9371 or email our office.

Why should you use Drain Detectives to do your drain tracing?

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Whether you are locating a buried manhole in a small terraced house or about to build a large extension in the garden your home, we can help.

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What areas of South East England can we carry out sonar drain tracing?

Our drainage engineers can carry out drain tracing across the South East including Kent, Surrey, London, Essex, Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Sussex, from Canterbury across to Bromley, Croydon over to Walton-on-Thames and Wimbledon down to Portsmouth.

If your home or commercial property needs sonar drain tracing, you have come to the right place. Call our friendly office on 0800 357 9371 today for expert advice and a FREE no-obligation quote!