If you're moving into a new property, or building an extension to your home or have persistent problems with your drains, it's a good idea to get a professional drain survey.

CCTV drain surveys, whether they are for residential or commercial properties, are the perfect way to determine the reasons for your drainage problem quickly and accurately.

Our cameras can identify structural issues such as collapsed drains, root ingress, pipe scale, cracked or broken drains, incorrect installation, blockages and displaced joints.

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Drain surveys

Why might you need a drain survey?

Buying a new home

CCTV drain surveys are one of the most important things a homebuyer should do before purchasing their new property.

Building an extension

A pre-build survey can show the location and condition of drains running under or close to any proposed building work.

Problems with rats

Rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a 50p piece. A drain survey can identify any cracks and defects.

Surface flooding

A cctv drain survey can identify the underlying reasons for surface water flooding in the garden of your home.


Leaking or broken drains under your property can lead to subsidence. A drain camera survey can identify any defects.

Persistent problems

If your drains keep reblocking or those horrible drain smells don't go away, it might be time for a cctv drain survey.

Pre-purchase drain surveys for homebuyers

Drain surveys are one of the most important things to do before buying your new home.

Unfortunately, some homebuyers only find out their drains have structural defects once they've moved in and then have to pay lots of money for their drains to be repaired.

A pre-purchase drain survey can spot any potential problems before they appear, giving the buyer, the opportunity to negotiate with the seller or even pull out of the purchase.

To book your homebuyer drain survey, call 0800 357 9371 or email our friendly office.

Pre-purchase drain survey for homebuyers

What if you don't need the full survey report?

We do offer a "quick look" drain survey, often referred to as a drain inspection, to locate and diagnose a specific problem within a drain.

The engineer can show you the footage on site and highlight any issues as he does the survey. This is cheaper and quicker for those who do not require the footage or a full written report, however, will not be adequate for insurance purposes.

Prices for a "quick look" drain survey start from £125 plus vat.

Could a drain survey help solve your rat problem?

Over 90% of rat problems within homes and properties in the UK are because of faulty and defective drainage systems. So if you are hearing rat noises in your walls, ceilings and under your floor, and the normal rat control methods aren't working, we can help.

Rats can enter through displaced drains, broken or cracked pipes and redundant drains.

We use the latest survey equipment, to carry out a professional drain survey, to identify any faults and defects, which would allow rats out of the sewers and into your home.

Our drain survey report will list the defects, with recommendations for all drain repairs.

A drain survey can help you with rats in your property

Do you require a build over drain survey?

If you are building a conservatory, garage or any other extension to your home, your local water authority will need to know, to ensure access to drains is not restricted.

Your local water authority will be able to tell you where the main sewers run. They will need to know the location, condition, depth and size of all drainage within 3m of the proposed extension. A build over drain survey will give you all the information you need.

Build over drain surveys

What about commercial drain surveys?

Commercial drain surveys are normally just on a bigger scale, but we do have a crawler camera for those larger pipes.

We have done commercial drain surveys for housing developments, industrial estates, retail parks and large hotels.

Cameras for commercial drain surveys

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Which areas do we offer drain surveys, drain tracing and drain inspections?

We carry out cctv drain surveys for commercial and domestic clients throughout the South East including Surrey, Kent, London, Essex, Berkshire, Hampshire and Sussex, from Maidstone across to Bromley, Croydon over to Basildon, and Kingston down to Southampton.
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