All newly laid drainage including manholes and inspection chambers should be tested for water-tightness prior to backfilling, as per the relevant British Standards (BS EN 752:2008).

Who needs to be there for drain testing?

Under site conditions, a drain test is applied in the presence of a Building Control Officer once a section of drainage is completed, although the contractor/pipe-layer will normally undertake a test prior to the official inspection or during actual construction to ensure the drainage will pass.

Two types of drain test

There are two basic tests; the Air Test and the Water Test. Usually, an air test is carried out to all pipework following installation, while a water test will only normally be required to verify a failed air test or to test manholes or inspection chambers.

What if the air test fails?

Failure during an air test is NOT sufficient reason to condemn a pipeline. If an air test indicates a leak in the system, a water test must be then undertaken to verify and quantify the problem.

Before we actually carry out a drain test

Prior to any test, the pipeline should be visually inspected for any obvious signs of damage or leakage. Mortar-jointed systems should be left for at least 48 hours before instigating any test.

How we do the drain test

Drain tests are normally applied to a pipeline between consecutive manholes. Short branches connected to the main run are usually tested as part of the main run unless they can be easily isolated for individual testing. Manholes and IC's are tested separately using the water test.

How much will a drain test cost?

Of course, it will depend on the number of drains that need testing. If you let us know what pipework, manholes or chambers need testing, we can provide you with a competitive quote.

Get in touch?

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