Choosing a name for your drainage company

When we launched Drain Detectives in 2017, we spent a long time thinking about what the name of our new company should be.

We had looked at a lot of the other drainage companies for ideas and most were combinations of the usual suspects: drain, dial, rod, clear, blocked, flow, easy, fast, services, jet and drainage. All very sensible…

In the end, we decided on Drain Detectives as we wanted to place an emphasis on the cctv drain survey and drain tracing side of the business.

However, not all countries are the same

In our search for a new name, we came across drainage companies from all over the world, including one particular company in New Zealand.

The name of this company is Mr Poo. Yes, that is right, the very thing that most UK drain companies try to avoid mentioning at all costs.

Mr Poo - drainage company in Christchurch, New Zealand

Generally, the culture down under of straight talking, say it how it is, is a real contrast to, on the surface, a more prim and proper attitude in the UK.

I am not sure if a company in the UK would risk having a name like that. In the UK we have names like Happy Drains. In New Zealand, they have Mr Poo.

I think I prefer Mr Poo.

Update (12/06/2018) – Just when you think all the names of British drain companies are boring and sensible, we came across the superbly named Poo Busters Drainage Services of Middlesex. Very catchy, memorable name, not sure some people may think about a Poo Busters van parked outside their house.