Who is responsible for your drains?

This is the question that comes up most often when domestic customers call us about a problem they are having with drains on their property.

Why does it matter?

If the drains are your responsibility, then you must pay for blocked drains to be cleared and all drain repairs. If however, the drains are the responsibility of the local water authority, then “it’s happy days”, because they must do any repairs and you don’t pay a penny. So it is quite important to know.
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Welcome to Drain Detectives

This is our first post of hopefully many, over the coming months and years. What can you expect in terms of content? There will be probably the usual standard posts about what should or should not be put down the toilet etc.

Then maybe the odd interesting anecdote from our wonderful drain engineers out on the road, hopefully without too many graphic images (!), but maybe with the odd nugget of wisdom from “inside the manhole”.